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    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair is a family owned and operated, full-service maintenance and repair company with 24/7 roadside assistance services for repairs or towing. Serving Des Moines plus a 100 mile radius, A & A will help keep your truck and trailer in great condition to keep you on the road, saving you both time and money.

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    My truck runs better than ever. We now know more about the internal technology of the system and, not only that, Dr. Goodrich actually has called me several times to see how his patient is doing. I give this genuine hardworking man two thumbs up with both hands and strongly encourage anyone who needs expert service to contact him before you waste valuable time and money in fraudulent repair shops. God blessed talent!

    Tom Kairis

    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair has very knowledgeable mechanics! Fast & friendly service! When I called for a brake wiring problem on a 2016 Kenworth at the DOT weigh station in Van Meter, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair did not hesitate to professionally respond all the way from Ankeny. Thanks, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair!

    Terry M.

    You’re in great hands with A&A Truck & Trailer Repair. Hello I’m an owner operator. I was passing through Iowa heading towards Kansas. Unfortunately while driving down the interstate my idler pulley broke off causing my engine to overheat. A&A truck and trailer repair. Came to me and fixed my idler pulley and pointed out some additional things I needed to get fixed. He is a very good guy and you won’t be disappointed.

    Taylor V.

    Passing through I-80 ended up with a brake situation on the side of the interstate, these two men without a call stopped to help me! Fixed the situation and got me rolling again! I’m so thankful and recommend A&A truck repair to anyone in need of repair!!!!!

    Nicole M.

    Westen came out to work on my truck in the middle of the night. Only took an hour to get to me which is quicker than most. Needed a new brake chamber. Didn’t take him long to install it. He did a good job and was professional. I would recommend him.

    Justyn H.

    Had a drive shaft drop out of the truck at 10:00 pm. In the process, it ripped huge holes in both air tanks. Sonny had his mechanic at my truck very quickly and he prepared the truck for towing. He arranged the tow truck and started working on my truck first thing in the morning. Fixed everything at an extremely reasonable rate. Very conscientious! Will definitely use this shop again.

    Charlotte J.

    Roadside Assistance Iowa: Emergency Road Services in Problematic Situations

    Trailer roadside assistance has become one of the essential vehicular services in Des Moines, Iowa, over the years. This bustling city has many large vehicles, both urban and rural, that may break down at any time and need high-quality repairs to get running again.

    As a result, it is crucial to understand how the best emergency trailer roadside assistance in the area can help your vehicle stay secure. Here are a few different benefits that trailer towing can provide you, primarily when you work with a team you know you can trust to do it right.

    Helps Protect Your Vehicle During Tows

    Towing can be rough on your vehicle if it is left to hang. And cars or trucks that are already damaged may end up getting even more roughed up in this situation. Thankfully, trailer tows help minimize this risk and create the kind of long-term help you need to avoid serious financial issues.

    For example, a good trailer roadside assistance team uses various straps and other devices to hold down your vehicle. They make sure that it is fully protected and safe before moving an inch, checking and double-checking their ties. Doing so helps to ensure that your damage risk is minimized.

    This benefit is also multifaceted because it may help keep your car from getting damaged on the road during tows or experiencing extra miles that you don’t want on its chassis. In addition, the trailer will take all of this wear and tear, leaving your vehicle more substantial and more secure than with a standard tow.

    And most emergency trailer roadside assistance is fully covered by your insurance, helping to make it easier to afford. Even better, these companies also have insurance policies that minimize the risk to your vehicle, including covering any damage that they may cause while towing you.

    May Be Used in Many Situations

    It may be surprising to learn that many high-quality trailer towing companies are skilled at getting your vehicle in many scenarios. Often, the best trailer roadside assistance in Des Moines, Iowa, can work in tight conditions and create a high-quality level of benefits you can’t get in other ways.

    For example, most towing companies have adaptable trailers that may be adjusted for delicate towing situations. Often, it may require carefully repositioning the car using other types of towing options, giving your team the best chance of taking your vehicle safely and without damage.

    And even if your car doesn’t break down, this type of trailer roadside assistance may be helpful in other situations. For example, some classic car collectors may use this service to take their vehicles to various car shows. In this way, they can keep it safe from excess mileage.

    As you can see, emergency trailer roadside assistance in Des Moines is surprisingly diverse and can provide you with a wide range of benefits. As a result, it is crucial to consider this option in many towing situations to cut back on your time and minimize any other challenges.

    Hauls Very Heavy Loads

    If you drive a massive vehicle (such as a semi-truck or even a tractor) that breaks down, a simple tow truck may not be good enough for your needs. As a result, you may need emergency trailer roadside assistance in Des Moines, Iowa, to prevent a frustrating and challenging scenario for you.

    A skilled trailer towing team will load the large vehicle onto an appropriate rig and ensure it is tied down and protected. Then, they will do what they can to make sure it gets where it needs to go, using careful traffic directions and much more to stay focused and safe on the road.

    After your vehicle has been towed, our team will then do what we can to help with repairs. If we cannot handle these upgrades (which may be possible if your vehicle is uniquely specialized), we will take it to someone who can help you and give you a ride there to cut back on travel times.

    Critically, it is essential to pay attention to the load’s size and contact the trailer roadside assistance to ensure they have a rig big enough. Most trailers should be capable of handling many large weights. But the overall dimensions of the vehicle may be too big for some campers.

    Makes Flat-Tire Towing Much Simpler

    Lastly, reasonable trailer roadside assistance is essential in situations when you suffer from a flat tire. Flat tires are often quite frustrating and may lead to many complications that can be hard to manage. For example, you may be late for your job in downtown Des Moines and have to take the day off.

    Or you might be unable to go on vacation or have fun with your kids because your car just can’t go anywhere with the flat tire. As a result, it is critical for those in this situation to seriously consider emergency trailer roadside assistance as a way of protecting themselves and their family.

    After loading your vehicle onto the trailer and strapping it down, our team will take your car (and you) to our towing center. Here, you can call friends or family members or relax, giving yourself time to make plans for any situations (such as picking up your children from school) that may develop.

    Even better, many companies (ours included) offer high-quality repairs to make sure that your car is ready to hit the road again. In this way, you can stay busy on the highway, travel to where you need to be as soon as possible, and get the tow you need to avoid trouble.

    When to Contact Us for Help

    The many benefits of trailer roadside assistance in Des Moines, Iowa, just cannot be denied. This unique process has become something that many car owners – whether personal or commercial – have had to turn to over the years when experiencing breakdowns and other complications.

    So if you want emergency trailer roadside assistance that will get you off the road and safely to where you need to go, contact us at A&A Truck & Trailer Repair. Our team works in Des Moines and the many cities around it. And we provide comprehensive trailer towing that will keep you safe and secure.

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