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    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair is a family owned and operated, full-service maintenance and repair company with 24/7 roadside assistance services for repairs or towing. Serving Des Moines plus a 100 mile radius, A & A will help keep your truck and trailer in great condition to keep you on the road, saving you both time and money.

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    Truck Repairs

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    My truck runs better than ever. We now know more about the internal technology of the system and, not only that, Dr. Goodrich actually has called me several times to see how his patient is doing. I give this genuine hardworking man two thumbs up with both hands and strongly encourage anyone who needs expert service to contact him before you waste valuable time and money in fraudulent repair shops. God blessed talent!

    Tom Kairis

    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair has very knowledgeable mechanics! Fast & friendly service! When I called for a brake wiring problem on a 2016 Kenworth at the DOT weigh station in Van Meter, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair did not hesitate to professionally respond all the way from Ankeny. Thanks, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair!

    Terry M.

    You’re in great hands with A&A Truck & Trailer Repair. Hello I’m an owner operator. I was passing through Iowa heading towards Kansas. Unfortunately while driving down the interstate my idler pulley broke off causing my engine to overheat. A&A truck and trailer repair. Came to me and fixed my idler pulley and pointed out some additional things I needed to get fixed. He is a very good guy and you won’t be disappointed.

    Taylor V.

    Passing through I-80 ended up with a brake situation on the side of the interstate, these two men without a call stopped to help me! Fixed the situation and got me rolling again! I’m so thankful and recommend A&A truck repair to anyone in need of repair!!!!!

    Nicole M.

    Westen came out to work on my truck in the middle of the night. Only took an hour to get to me which is quicker than most. Needed a new brake chamber. Didn’t take him long to install it. He did a good job and was professional. I would recommend him.

    Justyn H.

    Had a drive shaft drop out of the truck at 10:00 pm. In the process, it ripped huge holes in both air tanks. Sonny had his mechanic at my truck very quickly and he prepared the truck for towing. He arranged the tow truck and started working on my truck first thing in the morning. Fixed everything at an extremely reasonable rate. Very conscientious! Will definitely use this shop again.

    Charlotte J.

    Emergency Roadside Assistance Near Des Moines, Iowa

    Des Moines, Iowa, is a fascinating city that provides many unique adventures for visitors and residents. However, there comes a time when these travels may get the better of you, and you may need emergency roadside assistance services to minimize any troubles you may experience. Our professional team has been carefully trained to handle the unique challenges that driving may cause. And we’re ready to help you stay safe.

    However, emergency roadside assistance is not suitable for every situation and is something that you need to take very seriously. Here are a few times when you do need professional emergency roadside assistance. Doing so will save you a lot of time and money and minimize your conflicts. And it will protect your lives and those of your loved ones, ensuring that your trips are safeguarded whenever you go out.

    Winter Weather Impacts You

    Roadside assistance services often come into play when winter weather impacts the Des Moines area. Winter around here can be pretty challenging, with many feet of snow falling every year. And every year, many people need to be towed out of their driveways or crash sites where they may be stuck.

    This situation can become very problematic and even dangerous if it worsens and an individual gets snowed over. In this situation, emergency roadside assistance is called for because your health could be heavily impacted, and your life may be at serious risk.

    For example, many people may not realize that their tailpipe is clogged by snow and could end up asphyxiating if they aren’t careful. Others may run out of gas in a severe storm and need someone to tow them out to ensure that they don’t freeze to death in a very frightening situation. Common scenarios you may experience include:

    • Getting stuck in a ditch after going off the road when driving too fast
    • Head-on collisions caused by a vehicle slipping into your lane
    • Crashing into a structure after hitting a patch of ice and losing control
    • Engine failure caused by excessive cold after you get into a crash
    • Intense cold temperatures that make your life very uncomfortable
    • Heavy snowfall may make digging your car out by hand impossible

    Thankfully, emergency roadside assistance can get you out of a dangerous situation and back on the road. Many of these professionals have centers where you can warm up and repair shops that can fix your vehicle while you wait, call your loved ones and figure out what you’re going to do next.

    Winter situations should not be ignored or considered a joke if you can avoid them. Careful driving and the help of high-quality professionals will protect you and your loved ones whenever you drive. In addition, always keep roadside assistance services on your phone to minimize a severe risk of health dangers.

    Your Vehicle is Struggling in Any Way

    Many people in Des Moines call emergency roadside assistance when their car fails them mechanically. Unfortunately, this problem often occurs while driving and may be hard to manage without professional help. Just a few times when you’re likely to need emergency roadside assistance include when:

    • Your Battery Died — Did your battery fail on you, and not even a jump will seem to help you? Then you need to call emergency roadside assistance professionals to get help. This team will do what they can to ensure that you aren’t injured and provide you with other help along the way.
    • Your Car Ran Out of Gas — If you’re a traveler heading through Des Moines and you pushed your luck with gas, you may find yourself needing the help of professionals. A towing service will ensure that your vehicle is safely taken to a gas facility and help prevent embarrassing situations.
    • Your Tire Went Flat — There are few things worse than suffering a flat tire while you’re on the road. If you experience this problem on Des Moines highways and can’t find anybody who can help, roadside assistance may be a necessary step for protecting yourself and others from injury.
    • Your Car is Damaged in a Crash — Did you get into a severe crash unexpectedly and aren’t sure where to turn? Then, it might be time to turn to roadside assistance services. These professionals will get your cart out of this challenging situation and provide you with the help you need.
    • You’ve Locked Yourself Out — Everybody does it at least once or twice in their lives: locking themselves out of a car. While embarrassing, you need to call roadside assistance services to manage this problem and ensure that you don’t run into any other challenges along the way.
    • Your Car Experiences Other Problems – There may be many times when your car stops running, such as a total engine failure or other everyday situations. If your car just won’t move, and you aren’t sure what to do, call professional towing experts to get yourself out of this embarrassing situation right away.

    As you can see, you should contact a professional towing company in many situations. These scenarios can feel overwhelming for some people at times, but patience is required. If you are calm and keep your head, you should get out of this situation with the help of your towing crew.

    Get Help When You Need It

    Please take these considerations into account before you contact roadside assistance services in Des Moines, Iowa. Our professional team at A&A Truck & Trailer Repair is always hectic and wants to ensure that our help is given only to those who genuinely need it. We strive to provide this type of help with a smile on our face and the kind of professionalism that you may not find anywhere else.

    So if you find yourself in these situations and need emergency roadside assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We serve Des Moines and the surrounding area and provide roadside assistance you can trust. Our team is all local and has a comfort level with the area that others may lack. And we’ll strive to provide you with the necessary help to ensure that you are safe when on the road.

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