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    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair is a family owned and operated, full-service maintenance and repair company with 24/7 roadside assistance services for repairs or towing. Serving Des Moines plus a 100 mile radius, A & A will help keep your truck and trailer in great condition to keep you on the road, saving you both time and money.

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    Truck Repairs

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    Local Roadside Assistance

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    Truck Maintenance

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    My truck runs better than ever. We now know more about the internal technology of the system and, not only that, Dr. Goodrich actually has called me several times to see how his patient is doing. I give this genuine hardworking man two thumbs up with both hands and strongly encourage anyone who needs expert service to contact him before you waste valuable time and money in fraudulent repair shops. God blessed talent!

    Tom Kairis

    A & A Truck & Trailer Repair has very knowledgeable mechanics! Fast & friendly service! When I called for a brake wiring problem on a 2016 Kenworth at the DOT weigh station in Van Meter, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair did not hesitate to professionally respond all the way from Ankeny. Thanks, A & A Truck & Trailer Repair!

    Terry M.

    You’re in great hands with A&A Truck & Trailer Repair. Hello I’m an owner operator. I was passing through Iowa heading towards Kansas. Unfortunately while driving down the interstate my idler pulley broke off causing my engine to overheat. A&A truck and trailer repair. Came to me and fixed my idler pulley and pointed out some additional things I needed to get fixed. He is a very good guy and you won’t be disappointed.

    Taylor V.

    Passing through I-80 ended up with a brake situation on the side of the interstate, these two men without a call stopped to help me! Fixed the situation and got me rolling again! I’m so thankful and recommend A&A truck repair to anyone in need of repair!!!!!

    Nicole M.

    Westen came out to work on my truck in the middle of the night. Only took an hour to get to me which is quicker than most. Needed a new brake chamber. Didn’t take him long to install it. He did a good job and was professional. I would recommend him.

    Justyn H.

    Had a drive shaft drop out of the truck at 10:00 pm. In the process, it ripped huge holes in both air tanks. Sonny had his mechanic at my truck very quickly and he prepared the truck for towing. He arranged the tow truck and started working on my truck first thing in the morning. Fixed everything at an extremely reasonable rate. Very conscientious! Will definitely use this shop again.

    Charlotte J.

    Best Semi Truck Repair Services in Iowa

    Your big rig is a money-making machine when you hit the road but is a complex beast that needs to be kept in great shape with the best semi truck repair in Des Moines, Iowa. Without this type of help, you may find yourself stranded or struggling to finish your haul on time, cutting into your profits.

    Thankfully, we can provide the semi repair, truck repair, and trailer repair that you need to keep your rig operational. First, let’s look at a few of the most common repair options you may need on your truck. Then, we split them up into truck and trailer services to ensure that you fully understand your options.

    The Truck Repair Options We Offer Des Moines Drivers

    When your truck experiences serious mechanical troubles, we are here to provide you with the semi truck repair necessary to minimize any incidents. Our team is fully trained to handle any emergency repair situations and do whatever they can to help you. This process often starts with our 24/7 towing services, which help get your broken-down truck to our facility.

    Next, we’ll do a multi-point inspection to check for any potential problems. Once we spot issues, we’ll talk with you to help you understand what is causing your truck to fail. Our semi repair procedures are competitive with any rig repair facility in Des Moines, and all of our repairs have a satisfaction guarantee. Just a few options that you can consider for your vehicle include:

    • DEF Services — Without Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), your rig will suffer from many operational troubles. Thankfully, our team has a closed-fluid system that should help you.
    • Transmission Repair — Don’t let your transmission fail on you while you’re on the road! Come to us to get the detailed and high-quality repair you need to minimize any dangers to your ride.
    • Axle Services — Your truck axles help to keep your ride straight and true on the road. However, when they start going out, you must get high-quality repairs right away to minimize any dangers.
    • Brake Repair — When your brakes are going out on your rig, you need to contact us right away to get the high-quality repairs necessary to minimize any severe dangers while you’re on the road.

    These types of semi repair and truck repair are only the tip of the iceberg for what we can offer you. Our team has a great understanding of semi repair because they’ve been trained to handle its unique difficulties. And they have years of experience providing the kind of friendly and professional help you want and deserve for your vehicle, making it easier to feel comfortable with our repairs.

    However, we know that semi truck repair is focused not just on your vehicle but on your trailer. That’s why we provide high-quality trailer repair and maintenance steps for your rig. Each of these options is designed for many different scenarios that will help you ride more smoothly and handle your hauls with the kind of professional driving that your customers hire you to provide.

    Trailer Repair Options You Need to Consider

    Keeping your trailer in great shape is critical for your success as a trucker. If you don’t take care of this element of your ride, you’re going to end up with long-term damage that may impact how well you haul. Thankfully, we provide many trailer repair options to go with our semi repair and truck repair options. Just a few choices that you can consider in this situation include:

    • Axle repair to keep your trailer operating smoothly
    • Tire maintenance and replacement, as needed
    • Hydraulic fluid replacement to keep your truck safe
    • Structural damage repairs to minimize rust and corrosion

    Beyond these trailer repairs, we also provide many semi truck repair methods for general maintenance. Unfortunately, too many truck drivers skip taking care of their rig’s general care and end up suffering for it. If you take the steps below, there’s a good chance that the semi truck repair services we’ve discussed here won’t be necessary for your rig because they will be protected and secure.

    Generalized Maintenance

    Lastly, your truck is likely to need occasional generalized maintenance to keep it on the road. We can help you with this process by giving your vehicle the old once over, checking for problems with various fluid lines, tire health, and much more. We strive to create the comprehensive coverage that your vehicle needs to be solid and secure whenever you are on the road.

    We strongly suggest that you get this type of examination before any of your long-distance rides. There’s nothing worse than being on a big haul and missing out on a small hole in one of your tires that leads to a blowout. And even if you only lose one tire and can keep going, trying to handle your load with a flat is never enjoyable and should be avoided to keep your trips safe.

    In this way, you can get the semi repair, truck repair, and trailer repair that you need to get your rig on the road and ready to go. First, our team will make sure to go through a multi-point checklist to spot any potential concerns. Then, we’ll bring them up to you and explain what each might trigger on your ride. In this way, you can decide what repair steps we should take to help keep you on the road.

    When to Reach Out to Us

    Semi truck repair in Des Moines, Iowa, requires the help of highly skilled professionals who fully understand the unique challenges that this process offers. You can’t just pick any repair company, but you must focus on someone you can trust to handle this situation for you with skill and expertise.

    That, as you might imagine, is where we come into play. At A&A Truck & Trailer Repair, we provide semi repair, truck repair, and trailer repair that you can trust. Our team is trained to handle as many makes and models as possible, creating a uniquely comprehensive repair option.

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